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Information page to help you assemble the model card shipping containers more easily.

For Best Results When Assembling Your Card Kit Shipping Containers.

1. Use a sharp modelling or craft knife to score all the fold lines

and there is x 8 in total. This in turn will provide you with a nice, clean fold.

2. Use an undamaged ruler with a smooth straight edge

metal ones are better to use and can be purchased from your local hardware store.

3. Use double-sided sticky tape, a glue stick, or for even better results a white paper glue as this dries clear.

4. Glue one side at a time and wait for it to dry before moving on to the next side. This will stop you getting glue on the outside of the model.

5. Once dry, touch up any white edging with a coloured chalk.

If you follow the above Hints this will give you a nice sturdy, stackable container. Take a look at all our other new models that are added every week. 

Containers Approximate Sizes


z 20ft = (l) 28mm (w) x 11.5mm (h)x 13mm

z 40ft = (l) 56mm (w) x 11.5mm (h)x 13mm

z 45ft = (I) 63mm (w) x 11.5mm (h)x 13mm

z 48ft = (I) 68mm (w) x 11.5mm (h)x 13mm

z 53ft = (I) 00mm (w) x 11.5mm (h)x 13mm

1:220 Scale

N 20ft = (l) 39mm (w) x 15mm (h)x 18mm

N 40ft = (l) 78mm (w) x 15mm (h)x 18mm

N 45ft = (I) 86mm (w) x 15mm (h)x 18mm

N 48ft = (l) 92mm (w) x 15mm (h)x 18mm

N 53ft = (l)100mm (w) x 15mm (h)x 18mm

1:160 Scale

HO 20ft = (l) 70mm (w) x 28mm (h)x 34mm

HO 40ft = (l)140mm (w) x 28mm (h)x 34mm

HO 45ft = (l)158mm (w) x 28mm (h)x 34mm

HO 48ft = (l)168mm (w) x 28mm (h)x 34mm

HO 53ft = (l)185mm (w) x 28mm (h)x 34mm

1.87 scale

OO 20ft = (l) 80mm (w) x 32mm (h)x 38mm

OO 40ft = (l)160mm (w) x 32mm (h)x 38mm

OO 45ft = (l)180mm (w) x 32mm (h)x 38mm

OO 48ft = (l)185mm (w) x 32mm (h)x 38mm

OO 53ft = (l)203mm (w) x 31mm (h)x 32mm 53ft

OO Gauge are not High Tops

1.76 scale

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